Buying Vs Renting A Hot Water Tank

fixing a hot water heaterSome people have chosen to rent water heaters as opposed to purchasing them. Home owners who prefer the renting option feel that the option is worry-free because they are under no obligation to maintain or repair the water heaters. Other benefits they point out include low-monthly fees and free installation. However, if you intend to live in your current home for several years, then buying a hot water tank will no doubt be the wiser decision both financially and logically.

Hot water heaters are durable appliances that can last for as many as 12 years or even more, especially when you order Maple Ridge servicing. Someone who takes up the renting option will have paid a lot more than the amount of the cost when bought and fitted. For instance, a homeowner who chooses a rental plan that requires payment of $25 in monthly payments will pay $30,000 in 10 years. The same heater may only cost about $900 if fully installed.

Bear in mind also that rental fees for the water heater is likely to be increased with the passage of time. Consequently, renters can get into agreements that require them to pay more each year for the deteriorating unit. Some rental agreements might even compel renters to effect a costly buy-out plan in case a switch in suppliers is made. Get more information on renting here.

Renting is viewed as a convenient alternative for those who plan to live in their current homes for a short period. It additionally applies in situations where water supply is hard thus reducing the lifespan of the heater.

You are better off buying your preferred hot water tank instead of renting one for the simple reason that you end up saving substantial amounts of money. You also get to choose from the high-end models and the Eco-friendly types which is not possible with rental plans. In general, buying the unit makes more sense than renting one. Click here for more information on the various types of hot water heating services.


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