Why A Mobile Website Is Important For Your Company

mobile website design in calgaryResearch demonstrates, that as much as 57 percent of all mobile users will quickly abandon a page if it isn’t optimized to load a mobile friendly version of it. Research also show that as much as 30 percent will refuse to make a purchase transaction if they realize that the shopping cart isn’t mobile friendly. Fact is, if you haven’t optimized your website for mobile users, you are essentially loosing sales as a result of not doing so. Need helpĀ looking for top website designers?

Mobile Users Are In A Different Frame Of mind

Mobile users have a different objective than PC users. Mobile users tend to want information relatively quickly, in bite size increments. They are also more prone to making impulsive buys and typically tend to spend more money that a customer on a desktop device.

Higher Search Rankings

Statistics show that as much as 1/4 of web searches that are conducted globally are from mobile users. As such, Google has been repeatedly saying that with it’s Hummingbird update it intends to rank websites that have a mobile friendly version available, higher than sites that aren’t optimized to be mobile friendly.

Customer Retention

Creating a mobile friendly version of your website will increase your customer retention rate. Many people multitask and visit the same website from their PC and their mobile device. If your customers find that it is difficult to navigate through your website on their mobile phones, they may move to a competitor that does. Alternatively, if you provide a satisfying mobile experience, they are more likely to visit your website on their PC at a later time.

Reduced Bounce Rate

Ultimately, your bounce rate will affect your rankings in the search engine. If a mobile visitor visits your website only to see that the page takes too long to load, or if the navigation menu is obscured and displayed in a way that makes it difficult for them to see the content on your website, they will leave the website fairly quickly, negatively affecting your bounce rate.

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